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    Is LTJ Bukem & Good Looking Records Insolvent!?

    DJ Blade, who is notable for having been supported by LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad over the years, has recently lashed out towards MC Conrad, including Textures Music Group who owns the rights to his label One7Six Music Ltd. We recently came across DJ Blade’s commentary by accident doing a simple Google search for “ltj Continue Reading

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    ‘We Got Love’ for Aquasion & Freebird!

    ‘We Got Love’ for Aquasion & Freebird! Yes, these two producers were probably the most unlikely duo you could expect on an EP together. Sometimes that’s the reason why the music great in the first place! The ‘opposites attact’ sound on this EP are damn good. The vibe on ‘We Got Love’ is a heavy, Continue Reading

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  • amazon
    Amazon Attempting To Launch Subscription Music Service

    Subscription music services have yet to profit but that hasn’t stopped some of the internet’s biggest media distributors from jumping into the business. Amazon, the web’s biggest retailer, is the latest to inquire with various music companies about starting a subscription service. Details are few and the talks have been described as very informal, the Continue Reading

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    Soultrane Brings Debut Soul Connection Exclusives February 25th!

    Soul Connection debuts ‘Soultrane’ on the legendary ‘Soul Searchers album series’ February 25th! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this album, although, you may be thinking why? If you’re the type of person who only needs one good reason we got one: its a CD. Big deal, right? Yes! This means that the Continue Reading

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    The Payback Debut Album Arrives March 25th!

    The Payback debut album arrives March 25th! It’s been quite a journey arriving to this point, although, without a struggle success is not as sweet! The thing about this album that is so great is that the vibe is so fresh. The way Payback approaches his music and production unlike most producers that are in Continue Reading

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    What Are Streaming Services Paying Artists?

    Streaming Services… What Are They Paying Artists? That’s the question! If you only care about exposure, then consider this icing on top.  If you don’t really need the exposure, then none of this really makes any sense. Here’s a quick rundown of the what the biggest streaming services are currently paying musicians and content owners. Streaming Continue Reading

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    Bank’s Sleepless Nights On Debut Album!

    Bank’s Sleepless Nights On Debut Album! You might be wondering what that means? The debut album from Bank on the legendary Soul Searchers album series is a definite must have for DJ’s, music aficionado’s and general music lovers! The perfectly themed title coincides with the single ‘Sleepless Nights’ which truly represents the mood of the music Continue Reading

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  • bankkmag
    KMag: Textures Music Takes It To The Bank

    Bank is a producer out of the Los Angeles area, a rising star in the scene who is making a new album for the Textures Music crew. He chats to Kmag about music, moving to London and more. KMag: Hey Bank, good to be talking. Tell us more about your background in music and how Continue Reading

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  • mystic trip slider
    Mystic Trip Guest Features On The TMG Show!

    Just who is Mystic Trip? There so many up coming producers it can be hard to focus on the quality over the quantity. One thing is definite – the cream always rises to the top! Textures Music Group is pleased to present the nineteenth episode in ‘The TMG Show’ series! Tune in to hear brand Continue Reading

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  • conradslider
    MC Conrad Is Back With A New Name – Con*Natural!

    Let’s all welcome Con*Natural! For those of you who have been out of the loop, MC Conrad has left Good Looking Records some time ago… Now, having returned under a new name, Con*Natural, he is back to business as usual! Prior to the name change, Conrad Thompson, formerly MC Conrad, was performing in theatre after Continue Reading

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