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    Ten Things I Learned From Releasing An Independent Record!

    1) Every Song Should Be Your Best Work. Don’t release a song if you’re not excited to show it to anyone. If you wouldn’t listen to it yourself, wait to release something you would. We had a song we almost released on this upcoming EP and no matter how many times I tried to re-write Continue Reading

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    10 Reasons Why You’re Failing At Social Media!

    Have you ever wondered what you’re doing wrong to promote yourself on social media? Well, look no further! We name the top 10 reasons you’re working hard instead of smart on social media! 1) Your Call To Actions Are Too Frequent Don’t enter every contest you stumble upon that could win you $100 in recording Continue Reading

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  • fokusfm
    Fokus FM: Exclusive Extended Aquasion Guest Mix

    Download the exclusive extended mix HERE! We have heard quite a lot from Textures Music Group during the first year of Fokus, with several guest mixes from signed artists such as Bank and Payback, and a few other producers associated with the label. Textures has become well respected and known in the drum and bass Continue Reading

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    I’m a Grammy Nominated Artist. Want to See My Royalty Statements?

    I’m a Grammy Nominated Artist. Want to See My Royalty Statements? The following comes from Armen Chakmakian, a Grammy-nominated composer, keyboardist, and recording artist. There are tons of articles about music streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, etc in relation to recording artists making money or not. Here’s a screen capture of my quarterly royalty statement. Continue Reading

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    17 Ways to Kill a Music Career!

    17 Ways to Kill a Music Career! These are just some of the things learned by reading The Music Industry Self Help Guide, just released by Mike Repel (buy the book). If you’re doing any of these things, stop it right now. (1) Having a shitty, entitled attitude. If you’re showing up late for gigs, Continue Reading

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    The History of Portable Music!

    Curious about the history of portable music? While not entirely comprehensive, this video provides a good overview of technological highlights over the years:   infographic – portable music_v5b soundtrack History of Portable Music Pre 20th Century At this time portable music was a luxury and only available to a small section of society. Portable music Continue Reading

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  • djmarkyslider
    DJ Marky Continues His Support For Aquasion!

    Based in Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Brasil, DJ Marky is well established as one of Brazil’s biggest DJs and producer talents. DJ Marky has definitely become something of a national hero in Brasil, and highly revered in the UK. Today, DJ Marky is once again leading Brasil’s club and dance music scene Continue Reading

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    Is LTJ Bukem & Good Looking Records Insolvent!?

    DJ Blade, who is notable for having been supported by LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad over the years, has recently lashed out towards MC Conrad, including Textures Music Group who owns the rights to his label One7Six Music Ltd. We recently came across DJ Blade’s commentary by accident doing a simple Google search for “ltj Continue Reading

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  • wegotloveslider
    ‘We Got Love’ for Aquasion & Freebird!

    ‘We Got Love’ for Aquasion & Freebird! Yes, these two producers were probably the most unlikely duo you could expect on an EP together. Sometimes that’s the reason why the music great in the first place! The ‘opposites attact’ sound on this EP are damn good. The vibe on ‘We Got Love’ is a heavy, Continue Reading

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  • amazon
    Amazon Attempting To Launch Subscription Music Service

    Subscription music services have yet to profit but that hasn’t stopped some of the internet’s biggest media distributors from jumping into the business. Amazon, the web’s biggest retailer, is the latest to inquire with various music companies about starting a subscription service. Details are few and the talks have been described as very informal, the Continue Reading

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