WARM024 - Mako & Villem ft. Fields!

WARM024 – Mako & Villem ft. Fields!

WARM024 - Mako & Villem ft. Fields! Based in the heart of the thriving Bristol music scene, Mako is a name that keeps bubbling up to the surface. Dj, producer, tastemaker and head cheese at his own imprint Utopia Music. He's forged the way for some new and exciting artists such as Fields, Villem and Mikal. As a producer his tracks are noted for their deep atmospheric soundscapes, warm sub bass and sultry pads. His sets filled with the kind of heavy rollers that keep the bass-conscious heads happy. Gaining him the attention of Symmetry, Metalheadz, Med school and Ingredients to name a few. With nearly ten years in the game, Mako's success is not a flash in the pan. In that time he's worked with Break, DLR, Survival, The Sect and Hydro. Whilst his own tracks have been remixed by D Bridge, Klute and Total Science.

Mako was first introduced to production by Sobr in 2004 and by 2007. Mako created a Bristol based club night called Utopia to raise funds for the hospice looking after a friend's terminally ill mother. When he went on to launch his label in 2009 the Utopia name stuck and is a positive reminder of Mako's core values. Humble about his achievements, he champions new up and coming producers. Supporting and cutting tracks often years before they receive peer recognition and it's easy to see why his friends are fiercely loyal. The label has seen much success in a short time with big releases such as Break's 'Natural Progression,' and Mikal's 'Headbanger.' His collaborations with Break on 'Diligence' and Mute with 'Cali Sleaze' and D Bridge's remix of 'In the Raw.'

Mako is currently completing a remix for Submotion Orchestra and busy finishing off tracks for Metalheadz, Dispatch and Warm Communications. He has a single slated for his own label later in the year. Utopia's release schedule for the first six months of 2013 is packed too with tracks by established producers such as Break, Sunchase, Mikal, Rido, Detail and Critical Impact. With another Fields 12" ready for release this summer. It would be hard for many to not let this success go to their heads but as Mako puts it; "We are just people making music, making records. Everything else is imagined." With that kind of grounding and the full support of the DnB community expect big things.

Producing music in the mountains of France, or in the heart of the Utopia Music studio in Bristol, Villem (Andrew Wilson) creates beats that feel nostalgic yet bang up to date.

His productions have been featured on Radio 1 and 1Xtra, and played by DJs across the board such as Break, LTJ Bukem, Doc Scott, Spinline, Bailey, Squire, Loxy, Blumarten & Martyn. Villem forms one half of dark stepper production duo Mute, with many collaborations with Utopia Music label boss, Mako. Andrew Wilson is also part of ‘The 29 Collective’ which creates music for television/film/documentaries.

He has so far had releases on Good Looking records, Symmetry, Utopia Music, Mars Recordings & Ingredients records, with a 12″ coming on Samurai as well as another Ingredients solo release. Technically excellent in both his Dj work & producing & rated by Dub Phizix as one of the best new producers in drum & bass, his future is looking bright to say the least.

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