Utopia Music presents... Andyskopes 'True Human Nature' EP!

Utopia Music presents… Andyskopes ‘True Human Nature’ EP!

Utopia Music present a slice of jungle for their first time. Andyskopes steps in with a tune to fit the summer. 'True Chord Redux VIP' is a reworking of an older tune and incorporates many of the nuances that made 90's jungle so special.

Warm pads and 60's breaks have the desired effect of journeyed ambience whilst still remaining energetic with free flowing edits combining with sonic winds to produce one of the best post 90's jungle efforts so far. The flip 'True Human Emotion' heralds to 95' Photek and Dillinja with a more menacing approach. Breaks shatter around 808 bass and choice film samples!

These days he works very closely with Mr Joseph’s Fizzy Beats label and Mako’s Utopia Music. He is a regular DJ at the popular Fizzy and Technicality nights, where he can show his passion for DnB of all styles, old and new. He also runs his own night in Croydon at The Blacksheep Bar, hosting the big names in the scene and showcasing local artists.

His most recent releases include two collaborations with Mr Joseph, firstly on Seba’s Secret Operations label with tracks called called Call to Arms and Trash Talk, and also Bryan Gee's Liquid V imprint with a tune called Gatcherman. As already mentioned, Andy also has a new 12" on Utopia Music showing his range of moods with Reading By The White Lake backed with the epic tear out of Distance From You (feat. Coerce). He has tunes signed to LTJ Bukem’s legendary Good Looking imprint and others in the works!

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