Tim Cant + ParaDigm bring forth brand new EP on Textures!

Yes, you read that correctly! Tim Cant and ParaDigm are two relatively new producers on the music scene now! Both are in a position to become artists on a large-scale. Or at least what some would call a worldwide audience. Tim has a background deeply rooted in music and the technical side of things and ParaDigm is one of those newcomers that has a raregroove vibe to him. Now put that in the oven... you get a hot brand new EP from the duo!

We're starting things off with a track from Tim Cant called 'Be Good To Me' which is a smooth banger! And on the B side, as in the best side, is Expenses!

The new EP will be available on Textures Music Group exclusively on BeatPort in the next two to three weeks!!

Don't forget to check out Tim Cant's interview and mix on the TMG show!


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