Spastik Debuts ‘Summer Romance’ EP on Textures Music Group!

Spastik debuts his 'Summer Romance' EP on Textures Music Group! This is definitely one of the best releases from the new producer, who's home base is Oregon, USA. The EP arrives just in time for summer which is perfect for the energy of the music on this project. Some of the tracks have a strong hip hop influence and others have more of a jazzy funk appeal.


Spastik brings you his debut EP on Textures Music Group! Complete with four amazingly creative, original and well produced tracks for your enjoyment this summer! Spastik is a talented new producer on the music scene and we expect to hear and see more from him in the future! Keep your eyes and ears locked and get this Summer Romance EP today!

Get your own copy of the 'Summer Romance' EP' now for before season gets started!

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