Soultrane Brings Debut Soul Connection Exclusives February 25th!

Soultrane Brings Debut Soul Connection Exclusives February 25th!

Soul Connection debuts 'Soultrane' on the legendary 'Soul Searchers album series' February 25th! You definitely don't want to miss out on this album, although, you may be thinking why? If you're the type of person who only needs one good reason we got one: its a CD. Big deal, right? Yes! This means that the album is Textures Music Group's first non-digital release. This also means that the new album 'Soultrane' will only have availability as a CD until summer 2014 when it is scheduled for a worldwide digital release exclusively on Beatport for the first 8 weeks! Will that be a good enough reason to get your share of great music?

One of the more relaxed tracks on the Soultrane album is appropriately titled 'Dreams'. Every element of this track screams nostalgia and reminisces of atmospheric drum and bass in a simplistic but futuristic way that is breathtakingly beautiful and original.

'Soultrane' is an a true representation of the grit and iron Soul Connection brings to the table. His signature breaks and bass switch things up quite a bit as the bass pounds and beats boom on this lead album single. Play this in the club and see what happens... Rewind, anyone?


Not the cliche type, Soul Connection commands a purely magnificent work of art, 'Hold Tight', because this track sets the standard of what quality this album brings. This one is sure to be a favorite!

Release your inner spirit and 'Run Wild'! This is such amazing production from Soul Connection most producers can't compete. The delivery, mystic female vocals and unique presentation creates a incredible experience as a listener. Soul Connection knows his audience and hits the mark with this track!

Another personal favorite from the Soultrane album is 'Real Love'. This particular track really brings all the other tracks together because its one of the stand outs on this album. An upbeat vibe perfect for spring or summer and a great way to set things in motion on the dancefloor! Its almost rare you hear great music like this nowadays.

'It's Easy To Love Her' or so we think... Either way, its easy to love this track! Plenty of old school vibes with a lot of room for jazz fusion chords and funky bass. Can you go wrong with that sort of combination? No way!

Overall, this album 'Soultrane' is great and embodies Soul Connection's greatest works to date! There is definitely a little bit of something for everyone. We will be surprised if you find a track you don't like on this album and for that reason, in case you needed a second one, is why this album is great!

The album is available February 25th exclusively at! Currently PayPal is the only option if you are purchasing the album. We expect to offer credit/debit cards payment options this year.

Promoters may send booking requests for Soul Connection to Fidelity Talent Agency.

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