Roy Green and Protone Demand A Guest Mix!

Roy Green and Protone Demand A Guest Mix!

When a compilation album appears whcih contains music from the likes of Eastcolors, Heavy1, RoyGreen & Protone & Pennygiles, Ed:it, June Miller & Proxima, you know you are onto something a little bit special. The Demand Records Drum & Bass On Demand album dropped recently, and we spoke to RoyGreen & Protone about it. They have an exclusive guest mix for us, check it out below.

Hey guys, how’s things? How did you get involved in D&B On Demand album?

R: Ezz there, thanks for having us again! Things are great at the moment, we got a busy schedule for our releases to come out in the next few months, including some vinyl, so we keep on trying to work hard and deliver enjoyable music! Well, we have been bombing Carlos with tracks for the label since some time now until we finally found something that worked out!

P: For more information and fun facts about our releases stay in touch with our Facebook or our Soundcloud ( page!

Roy Green & Protone

What’s your experiences been like with the label?

P: Since their appearing on the scene they have dropped some heavy vinyls with artists we both like. After a while we have collected some tunes to send them to Carlos and he picked two of them. The finalizing took a bit but it was worth it.

R: I met Carlos on the internet and just knew him digitally until we had a cocktail-involved meeting at Sun and Bass. A few months later he also came around to Vienna for a short visit.

Tell us about your contributions to the album.

R: There are two tracks on the Album by us. Both are collaborations, one with the mighty tire - lifting PennyGiles and the other one with a young promoter / DJ / producer from Klosterneuburg (RoyGreen's amazing hometown) called Monologue.

P: Both of the artists came up with some great musical stuff in the last few months and we really feel what they are doing. Misunderstanding is a dark heavy roller, with a one note bass for the 97' vibe. Storming is much smoother with blue chords and dreamy vocals. I think we both are happy with the final product and would like to thank all the supporters out there.

What do you think is different about the album, and what makes it stand out?

R: Carlos is very precise with his idea of how to run the label and which tunes he wants to sign and which not. So I know he went through a lot of tough decisions to pick just the right tunes for this impressive album.

P: The album features a lot of upcoming and very talented artists who have developed their own sound over the last years. You can find all different kinds of tracks on the album, from dark to smooth to atmospheric d&b but the whole product still has a round shape.

We’re lucky to get a mix from you guys – let us know what you’ve got on there for us?

R: You will find two exciting new bits by ourselves as well as some exciting new dubplates sprinkled with, what we hope, is a good selection of fresh tunes for your listening pleasure.

Where are some of the places you playing live next?

P: On the 8th of February we are very excited to announce that we will be back in London at the Inform Recordings Label Night at Plan B in Brixton.

You can check out the mix here

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