Random Movement Top 5 Influential Tunes

Random Movement’s Top ‘5’ Most Influential Tunes!

With dancefloors still grooving to the recent release of his 'Drawn by Intrigue' EP on Intrigue Music, Random Movement takes a look back at the music that continues to influence his inimitable sound.

As many of you may or may not know, I am an upright bass player specialising in Jazz more than I am anything else, drum & bass included. I played in Jazz combos and big bands around my hometown throughout high school and college, and the biggest reason I wandered onto that path was because of the insanity and complexity that is Charles Mingus' music.

Some of the most difficult but also the most intriguing pieces of music to play were written by this man, and this tune is the ONE for me. I heard it the first time in '96 on a late night drive back from a gig with our drummer and it made me want to cry and read music theory books at the same time, if that makes any sense. Bottom line: forget Mozart; Charles Mingus was the best goddamn musician ever to walk the face of this earth, as well as one of the most misunderstood, and most of you will never know it.


My dad recorded the Jimi Hendrix Experience's first album from the record to a cassette tape that I could listen to when I was about 11, and this song is just the best chill/psychedelic tune to listen to.

I used to play it out of my one speaker cassette player, and it would only play the left channel, so I never knew about all of the panning going on in the tune until I first put it into my Walkman a few years later.

It was a totally different listening experience, almost comparable to what it must have been like for the first time people saw "The Wizard of Oz" and got to see everything in colour when Dorothy walks out the front door. Fantastic work.


I got this on vinyl in 2000 on a whim after being turned on to the duo through their album 'Music Has The Right to Children'. I was, and still am, blown away by how music can bring back some very difficult and very wonderful memories from my past, and this one hits me every time.

I had just ended a relationship, I lost all of my music in a tragic hard drive accident, and I had really become complacent, and this was my theme song at the time. I strive to make music to sound as deep and meaningful as this song sounds to me.


After losing nearly eight years worth of musical work and compositions to date in that big hard drive crash, I decided that doing a shit-load of drugs was an effective way of coping with my issues. I wandered out to the local electronic music night with some new friends and a head full of dopamine and stimulants, and I this track was being played over the system.

It really shook me, I guess is the way you would say it. It shook me so much that I decided at that very point that I was going to make this kind of music, music that you could really feel, not this over-complicated shit I was making that was turning into more of a science project then music with some soul to it. Thank you, Lincoln, for setting me straight. I still play the tune at nearly every show.


Best house tune of all time. I think I heard this tune out so many times over the years I could never tell you the first time I heard it or when it started to really hit me as a great piece of music, but that track is just solid and sounds great every time I hear it out.

The song really takes me back to the days when my old music partner and I were really starting to get the momentum going on Random Movement, when things would just fall into place as if by magic when we'd work on tunes.

You may have noticed that most of the tunes I love, I love because of the memories behind them and I'd say that every DJ that loves this song like I do ends up playing it out until the very end, regardless if they have to mix or not - you know who you are out there.

Words: Chris Muniz

Random Movement's 'Drawn By Intrigue' on Intrigue Music is out now.


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