Payback Debut Album Arrives March 25th!

The Payback Debut Album Arrives March 25th!

The Payback debut album arrives March 25th! It's been quite a journey arriving to this point, although, without a struggle success is not as sweet! The thing about this album that is so great is that the vibe is so fresh. The way Payback approaches his music and production unlike most producers that are in today's limelight, however, the outcome is what we all strive for -- dope music.

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One of the tracks from Payback and his debut album 'Artforms' on the legendary album series 'Soul Searchers' is 'Moanin' Mingus'. This particular track is incredible because it's so simple yet so great on the engineering. This gives creed to the old maxim 'less is more.'

The next track that we feel will definitely stand the test of time is 'Addictions'. This particular track is reminiscent of the hey day of drum and bass, like LTJ Bukem's groundbreaking track 'Music'. The introduction, the break and the bass line are all qualifiers.

We always save the best for last if we can, so we did! 'Artforms' is the themed track of this album which clearly corresponds with Payback and what he set out to do musically. What an incredible album this is. The odds are that if you're feeling what you've heard here you're going to feel the rest of this album musically. Payback truly shows us why his music is descriptive of 'Artforms'.

The album is available March 25th exclusively at! Currently PayPal is the only option if you are purchasing the album. We expect to offer credit/debit cards payment options this year.

Promoters may send booking requests for Payback to Fidelity Talent Agency.

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