Fidelity Talent Agency Will Manage Textures Music Group Bookings!

Fidelity Talent Agency is a brand new all in one artist management and booking agency. It's reported that the talent agency will be launching late 2012 early 2013. Some of the artists that will be managed under the Fidelity banner for their bookings and so on are Aquasion, Scott Allen, Soul Connection and several more (the list is growing quickly!)

Fidelity Talent Agency specializes in  promotion, artist management, PR and tour booking services respectively. Yes, they’re the new guys on the block, but don’t let that deter you. Collectively, their team has 20 years combined booking and artist management experience.

Fidelity Talent Agency gets the bookings, you get the shows. All forms, deposits, fee’s, travel expenses, etc are negotiated on your behalf as our client.

To learn more you can email them at

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