Mystic Trip Guest Features On The TMG Show!

Mystic Trip Guest Features On The TMG Show!

Just who is Mystic Trip? There so many up coming producers it can be hard to focus on the quality over the quantity. One thing is definite - the cream always rises to the top! Textures Music Group is pleased to present the nineteenth episode in 'The TMG Show' series!

Tune in to hear brand new exclusives from Aquasion and of course a special guest mix from yours truly - Mystic Trip! In addition, we are pleased to present an exclusive interview which you can read below! Check it out and tune into the show below!

AQUASION X MYSTIC TRIP x The TMG Show - Session Nineteen - October 2013 by Textures Music Group

Q: Introduce yourself...
Hi, I'm Ashley a.k.a Mystic Trip a Producer based in London.

Q: How did you get started producing drum and bass?
I started mixing before producing. I was playing out on local pirate radio stations and DJing wherever I could, and after a few years of playing the music I became interested in how it was being made. So I got a copy of Reason on a computer and started to get some ideas down.

Q: What can we expect from you musically?
It can vary depending on what i'm making, but I steer towards the melodic side of things.

Q: Who is supporting your music right now and how did you decide which tracks are good enough to promote?
A few people that I know of: Scott Allen, Conspire, Al Pack, Soultec... As far as deciding what music is good enough to promote, I would usually sleep on it...I find if I come back to a tune with fresh ears, and still really like what i'm hearing than It's good enough!

Q: What is the drum and bass music scene / community like in your area?
The scene here is strong, there's always something happening. It's nice to see people still go out for the music!

Q: What are you working with in the studio?
I use Reason, Some Yamaha HS80 monitors, a Mac, a PC and a little M-audio Axiom25 midi keyboard. I keep my set up basic!

Q: How were you able to develop your own sound?
I've loved music as far back as I can remember - Everything that I hear has shaped my sound in one way or another, whether it be an old soul tune, a drum pattern somewhere, or even something another artist has worked into their own production. If i like the sound of something, it's going to influence / shape my sound.

Q: Do you have any advice for young producers wanting to get started writing music?
Listen to as much music as you can! Across all genres.

Q: Do you have any new projects we can look out for from you?
Yeah, I'm finalising a few tracks that will be coming out soon. Also I have a limited 12" touching down. I'm really into my vinyl so i'm looking forward to that!

Q: Any shout outs or parting words?
Big up to everyone that's been following my sound and Thanks to you guys over at TMG!

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