MC Conrad Is Back With A New Name!

MC Conrad Is Back With A New Name – Con*Natural!

Let's all welcome Con*Natural! For those of you who have been out of the loop, MC Conrad has left Good Looking Records some time ago... Now, having returned under a new name, Con*Natural, he is back to business as usual! Prior to the name change, Conrad Thompson, formerly MC Conrad, was performing in theatre after having left Good Looking Records.


Many people don't realize that Conrad is a producer as well as an MC. He has collaborated with the likes of Makoto on some of his biggest hits during his career, such as 'Golden Girl' and 'Future's Callin'. Is it only right that Con*Natural teams up with one of the most inspirational producers of his time?! Makoto and Con*Natural performed live in Budapest together, a performance most would have thought they never would have seen!

Since Conrad left Good Looking Records it hasn't quite been the same for LTJ Bukem who has reverted to MC's that will perform at his shows based on geography. For example, Armanni Reign will tour with LTJ Bukem in the states and in Europe will tour with MC Moose. However, these great MC's simply cannot replace Con*Natural! Now that Conrad is able to freely collaborate under his new name, due to stipulations in his contract with Good Looking which prevented him from using his original moniker, he is now remixing and producing music that is quite good... Take a listen below!

We are all very much excited to see Conrad make his comeback to the music game! Many artists have come and gone after signing to Good Looking, many never to be heard of again. Fortunately, Con*Natural was not one of them!

Visit Con*Natural's website at!

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