Lynx - New Vinyl EP - Dive Deep In / Shadowlands!

Lynx – Dive Deep In / Shadowlands – Release Date: 3.12.12

Having a reputation for razor sharp production and always pushing boundaries with his music, Lynx is no newcomer to the scene. With releases on some of modern days most seminal labels, we’re very proud to have Lynx part of the label. With vocal treatments for well respected vocalist Kemo “Dive Deep In” submerges itself in dirty, deep funk. A rock solid half time beat and punishing bass stabs keep the momentum while guitar strings weave in and out. “Shadowlands” features fellow technician Hellrazor in an epic roller comprised of swelling strings, steppy drums and menacing bass. Can sort out interviews from Lynx.

Opening his new label Detail Recordings in 2010, Lynx is a man on a mission to deliver only the freshest and most innovative sounds in underground electronic music. Standout tracks including 'Disco Dodo' and 'Global Enemies' may have helped make his name across the worldwide drum & bass scene but the sheer diversity and quality of Lynx's output across labels like Soul:r, Creative Source, Digital Soundboy and Bingo have marked him as a producer par-excellence. Remixes for Metalheadz, Hospital and Innerground, plus his sublime reworking of James Blakes 'Limit To Your Love' have shown he remains ahead of the rest, with cutting-edge studio skills and the drive to explore new musical avenues. A diverse and talented DJ, his live sets are largely built on exclusive and upfront material with an eclectic feel appealing to clubbers across the spectrum. October 2011 sees the release of his much anticipated studio Album 'Devils In The Detail' on his own label Detail Recordings.

With a long list of high-profile patrons including Marcus Intalex (Soul:r), Fabio (Creative Source), Shy FX (Digital Soundboy) and Zinc (Bingo), it’s no surprise that Lynx has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of the most in demand DJs in drum & bass. Bursting back on to the scene in 2006 with a fresh and infectious sound, it would be easy to overlook the many years of groundwork spent honing his skills with early releases on labels including Underfire, Audio Blueprint and Renegade Recordings. Lynx has since made music his profession, as well as his passion, and helps run a commercial studio, producing for a range of artists involved in other music genres. He’s already left his mark in the drum & bass scene, however, and raised the bar for creative and innovative production whilst keeping the dancefloor in firm focus.

Portsmouth-born Lynx had his first release at the tender age of 17, back in 1996 with Southampton-based Hardcore pioneers, Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime. A career in music beckoned and he set about racking up many years of commercial studio experience plus a Masters degree in Audio Technology, learning his trade and developing the skills to take his sound further. Starting with work experience at Chichester based studio ‘Airtight’, Lynx worked alongside the likes of Friction, Mampi Swift, Stakka, Skynet, and Skinny where he demonstrated a hard-working attitude plus a natural aptitude at the controls and earned himself the position of co-managing the studio.

From his musical beginnings producing hardcore, in 2002 Lynx moved into the new, techno-infused wave of drum & bass and racked up a string of releases with Brighton based labels Underfire Recordings and Audio Blueprint (Stakka & Skynet). Tracks such as ‘Meltin Pot’ and ‘Special Agent’ were championed by Andy C, Ed Rush & Optical, Shimon and Kemal. Keen to progress and diversify his sound, Lynx collaborated with popular French DJ Flow to produce ‘Time-Out’ (Renegade Recordings, 2002). The track appeared on the first ‘Renegade Rollers’ compilation and proved a firm favourite with Radio 1’s Fabio and the legendary John Peel, giving Lynx confidence in his ability to capture the essence of a musical genre and produce drum & bass across the musical spectrum.

Drawing inspiration from other sounds across the club scene, Lynx has since forged a style that continues to evolve, combining influences from rock to reggae and electro to hiphop. He’s already torn up the template with the massive ‘Disco Dodo’ (Creative Source) and went on to make 2007 his year with the standout successes, ‘Global Enemies’ and ‘Carnivale’ (Soul:r) alongside Kemo MC. From the deep and rolling vibes of ‘Shaku’ (Digital Soundboy) to the bold and brassy funk of ‘Randy’ (Soul:r), Lynx has already crossed a range of styles and demonstrated there are many more strings to his bow. A keen collaborator, Lynx has produced alongside Alix Perez, Maple, Malibu Rhodes, Aaron Jay and more and has a talent for drawing the best from himself plus the artist he’s working with. In the words of Marcus Intalex, “attention to detail is his trademark” and Lynx made this clear across his debut LP with Kemo MC, ‘The Raw Truth.’ on Soul:R in 2008.

'Devils In The Detail' is a perfect follow up to the landmark 'The Raw Truth' album, once again effortlessly flowing across tempo's and styles while retaining the signature sound that has made Lynx so distinguishable from the many people producing Drum and Bass and indeed electronic music. Collaborators on the album include Marcus Intalex, Noisia, Hellrazor, Seed, & vocalists Kemo, MC DRS, Sense MC, Fats, Deeizm and more. From the essential liquid anthem 'All For You', to the jittery gait funk of 'Without Warning', the revisionary tribute 'Back To The Jungle' and the gentle beauty of 'Jetlag', this album displays a producer comfortable with his sound and not afraid to glide around musical sub genres and redefine it with every tune.

Combining his deep passion for funk, rock, soul, jazz and world music with the technical ability to realise his ideas, Lynx’s music comes from the heart whilst standing out from the rest. Always one step ahead of the herd with a selection fresher than most, Lynx continues to set the pace in 2011 and beyond.

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