KMag: Textures Music Takes It To The Bank

KMag: Textures Music Takes It To The Bank

Bank is a producer out of the Los Angeles area, a rising star in the scene who is making a new album for the Textures Music crew. He chats to Kmag about music, moving to London and more.

KMag: Hey Bank, good to be talking. Tell us more about your background in music and how you came to be right here right now.

I was very lucky to have grown up around synthesizers. My father had a pretty legit setup and that's where I began to experiment, even as a really young kid. I got into playing the drums a bit later and from there the two just sort of complemented each other. Once I began hearing bits and pieces of jungle in late 90's, I knew right away this music had been created for a person like me. Listening to DJ Hype, LTJ Bukem, Calibre, and some early Hospital producers are what sealed the deal for me as a junglist.

Read the rest of the exclusive interview at KMag's website! For more exclusives and information on Bank's new album expect a 2013 release!

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