Kmag: Seba Interview - New Album "Identity"!

Kmag: Seba Interview!

Seba is just one of those names which unites fans of d&b. Known for his emotive, sweeping productions, he returns with a new album, Indentity, due for release next month. A 12" sampler has hit stores this week, and we speak to him about all this and more.

Hey Seba, how are you? Before we get on to the album, tell us about the inspirations behind the tracks on the sampler single.

I had to listen to a lot of alternative music when I was younger and this reflects my youth in a way. "Too Much Too Soon" is inspired by the sound of Sisters Of Mercy’s "Temple Of Love" but with a totally different vocal representation. I like to try new things in my productions. That's what moves the music forward. I don't see the point in making three tracks in a row that sound like "Snow".

So the Identity album. Tell us about the make-up, and the context of the album.
I made this album so you can listen to it all way through without getting tired of it. A lot of albums that comes out feel like a compilation of tracks rather than something carefully put together. I want the listener to buy the entire album without doubt rather than choosing one or two tracks.

What do you think has changed and progressed for you on a personal and a musical level since your last album?
Not much. I'm exploring different areas of music. I'm still playing music from my last album, and I think some of those tracks stand the test of time.

What are the plans for the Secret Operations label?
I use it as a platform for my own music. As long as I’ve got Secret Operations, I can put music out without having to look for a label or follow any guidelines. I'm constantly looking for material by other artists, but I seem to be a hard man to please.

Can you let us know about any upcoming live appearances?
I'm planning to do album tour in Europe during the spring, followed by a USA tour in June/July.

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