Jrumhand guest features on the 'TMG Show'!

Jrumhand guest features on the ‘TMG Show’!

Jrumhand will be featured on 'The TMG Show'!

Hailing from North London, and now residing in Kent, Jrumhand has been contributing his productions to the drum and bass genre since 2007.

Taking piano lessons at the tender age of six, he has always been passionate about playing music. A love of hip hop naturally led onto buying hardcore and jungle records in the early 90’s and attending seminal clubs such as Speed and Metalheadz as often as he could.


Now he is getting DJ and label support from the very people who influenced him; buying their every release, such as Nookie, LTJ Bukem and PFM.

Starting out on Binary Soul Records, Jrumhand has had releases on many labels in the last few years, most recently with Nookie’s Phuzion Digital Records, Textures Music Group, Soul Deep Recordings and Liquid Drops.

Alongside fellow producer Phatplayaz, Jrumhand has gone back to his first love of DJ’ing, with more events planned in the near future.

With forthcoming releases already signed to Good Looking and Phuzion Records, Jrumhand is looking forward to the future… Be sure to check out Jrumhand's debut album on Textures Music Group under the Soul Searchers series!

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