Is the man still the man? LTJ Bukem

Is the man still the man?

There comes a time when all good things must come to an end. Over the last four or so years there have been very few if any releases from Good Looking Records. At the same time, we're constantly promised mix, after LP, after EP after album, yet alas, nothing comes to fruition.

Fortunately, die-hard fans were able to get their hands on the latest mix that LTJ Bukem had masterfully constructed. Although, there was supposed to be an Exit Festival DVD, Mellow Yellow mix tape series (the list goes on). At some point, one has to wonder why nothing is getting done at Good Looking Records?

Is it because of bad debts? Tax liens? Creditors calling? The digital download era? Laziness, perhaps? Who knows? Only those close to the horse's mouth know.

I had the opportunity to speak and meet with LTJ Bukem and it doesn't seem that he's far off from being a regular guy (in his case he's an audio connoisseur.) However, he didn't amass a small fortune and travel the world all expenses paid without cutting a few corners.

Those corners that have been cut in the past seem to be catching up with the man himself. As a new revelation stirs among veteran DJ's and producers we must beg  the question -- "What prices art?"

Does not releasing it price it higher due to a higher demand? What about vice verse? This is the philosophical reasoning behind why nobody is seeing new music being released from Good Looking Records. The other half of the situation is financial. It's my opinion that everything boils down to money in the end. Why else would a legendary figure, such as LTJ Bukem, pander to the masses on someone elses label (

Prior to that, another money-making move was to license the Good Looking Records catalog for a financial payout to ZYX.

So... what's really going on?

"It all boils down to money in the end."

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