Good Looking Beta Site Now Online! - LTJ Bukem!

Good Looking Records & LTJ Bukem Beta Site Now Online!

The Good Looking Records website that LTJ Bukem  is hosting is online! However, this version is purely a beta sneak preview! Textures Music Group is the first to break this story! Unfortunately, the site is unfinished and the Good Looking music store is now offline. Here is a link to the site:

LTJ Bukem

Insiders say that LTJ Bukem will be launching a subscription based download site where you must pay a fee each month to access a limited amount of music. However, this is not as easy as it sounds -- web designers are not inexpensive by any means. Insiders also say that many of the artists signing with Good Looking will be featured in a new LTJ Bukem In Session mix CD and will have limited vinyl releases. The music industry has taken a huge hit lately and making a profit isn't easy, especially with digital, mostly because of piracy. We'll see what the Fat Tony, LTJ Bukem and the rest of the Good Looking boys have in store next...

LTJ Bukem & Good Looking Records

Viewed as an innovator in the drum and bass style, LTJ Bukem is known for developing an accessible alternative to that hardcore genre's speedy, assaultive energies. His style pays homage to the Detroit based sound of early techno, but LTJ Bukem also incorporates still earlier influences, particularly the mellow, melodic sonorities of 1970s era jazz fusion as exemplified by Lonnie Liston Smith and Roy Ayers. Early in his career, LTJ Bukem was identified for his response to the "almost paranoid hyperkinesis" of breakbeat-based house music, and specifically for his reservations regarding the overbearing force of the hardcore mentality.

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