Fokus.FM premiers Payback Studio Mix!

Fokus.FM premiers Payback Studio Mix!

Fokus.FM is back once again for another studio mix from exclusive Textures Music Group & Soul Deep Recordings artist 'Payback'! Payback has been DJing for over 20 years and has even battled in the DMC championships for 5 years from 1998 to 2003. His style is marked by gritty jazzy samples and punching beats and bass lines!

In addition, the Payback studio mix will be accompanied with a insightful interview from Payback who is one of the rising stars in drum and bass! Payback is currently prepping his debut album which is due for release late 2013 early 2014! This studio mix demonstrates Payback's ability to produce music 'on the fly' is one of a kind! His sound is original and distinct along with his ability to engineer music into something more marvelous than before.


During the interview Payback is asked the controversial question "Do you think people should physical copies of the album are better than digital?" Furthermore, Payback speaks more in depth about his upcoming album and future projects you can expect later this year on Soul Deep Recordings and Textures Music Group!

Tune in to the exclusive mix on Fokus.FM on Thursday, September 19th, 2013!

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