Fokus FM: Exclusive Extended Aquasion Guest Mix

Fokus FM: Exclusive Extended Aquasion Guest Mix

Download the exclusive extended mix HERE!

We have heard quite a lot from Textures Music Group during the first year of Fokus, with several guest mixes from signed artists such as Bank and Payback, and a few other producers associated with the label. Textures has become well respected and known in the drum and bass world domestically (USA) and internationally. Its own in-house promotions, mastering, radio show and merchandise divisions have been set up to aid its growth. Textures Music Group staff also manage three additional labels: Soul Deep Recordings, One7Six Music Ltd. and Urban Jazz Music. All three labels seek to expand the Textures Music Group umbrella and further cement their reputation as a quality outlet for Liquid DnB music.


CeeFour has recently caught up with producer and label owner Aquasion to see what is happening with himself and Textures, also coinciding with a Guest mix that will soon be aired on Fokus via CeeFours Thursday night slot.

Q. Hello Jay, firstly thanks for talking with Fokus; so could you tell us a little bit about your label and what you have set out to achieve with Textures?

A: Textures Music Group was created originally as a collective of DJ’s and producers from around the world. Primarily, it was created because of a void in the type of drum and bass we were after which was more liquid, jazzy, soulful, atmospheric and funky. We set out to fill the gap between quality music and the end user.

Q: What first attracted you to the production style of Liquid DnB for you to concentrate on production of that style?

A: My first attraction was 70′s music I listened from my parents. In addition, jazz and hip hop had a huge impact on me. I discovered a drum and bass by LTJ Bukem on accident that really inspired me. Over the years, I honed my skills with regards to developing an ear for music. The rest is history…

Q: Apart from DnB in its varied forms, what other styles of music do you listen to?

A: I listen to a lot of hip hop, with reggae, jazz, funk, soul, etc peppered somewhere.

Q: Do they influence your productions at all?

A: They do influence my productions, however, it’s mostly the jazz and raregroove 70′s records that I mostly take with me into the lab when I’m working on new music.

Q: Being based in the USA, do you feel the styles of DnB and to a wider extent dance music as a whole varies in preference to what you see in UK and Europe, are certain styles of DnB are not as well received on that side of the pond?

A: I don’t think liquid is as big in the States as it is in the UK. From my experience, the drum and bass is very dark and heavy which I think was popularised here more primarily because the American DJ’s that were pioneers or are considered headliners in the States got their fame and fortune from the heavier styles. Whereas, in the UK, the legends there, as well as headliners more commonly do liquid funk styles of drum and bass.

Q: Where do you see yourself progressing to next, what goals have you set yourself?

A: I see myself progressing to a higher level of music production first and foremost. We plan on updating the Textures Music Group website, developing our newly launched download store called My DJ Downloads, nurturing Fidelity Talent Agency, our in house booking agency and growing the Textures Music Group umbrella. Ultimately, our goal is to continue to be the standard in liquid jazz drum and bass throughout the world.

Q: And finally, is there any news on any upcoming gigs or releases that people can check out?

A: My album ‘Street Life’ is in the works right now. It’s going to be my best album to date because I’m using more of a live instrumentation feel which a lot of producers lack. Much of the music you hear right now sounds ‘unnatural’ or ‘uninspired’. It’s all very artificial sounding. One of the lead singles on the new album is called ‘Soul Jazz Funk’. I am expecting to release my second lead single, appropriately titled ‘Street Life’ shortly.

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