Exclusive Interview: Bank Speaks About His Debut Album & More!

Exclusive Interview: Bank Speaks About His Debut Album & More!

Bank was exclusively interviewed for the TMG show February 2013 session! Banks debut EP is arriving exclusively on Soul Deep Recordings any day now and has more music scheduled for release on both labels in the future! Additionally, Bank is in the studio putting the final touches on his debut album slated for an exclusive release with Textures Music Group later this year! You can find the track listing for Banks exclusive mix on the mixcloud page for Textures Music Group.

Q: Introduce yourself...

My name is Sam Bank. I live in Los Angeles. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland.

Q: How did you get started producing drum and bass?

I grew up around synthesizers. My dad had a set up that gave Herbie Hancock a run for his money. That and playing the drums for many years were the basis of experimentation that led me to jungle and ultimately drum and bass. I also spent some time studying in London which left a lasting impression on me in so many ways. My apartment was literally a block from Fabric!

Q: Being such a new producer, what challenges did you face coming up in the game?

My biggest challenge was achieving the sound I knew wanted. It took years to get what I feel I'm establishing as my style and I still have much room for improvement. Additionally, getting heard has always been tough, but Soundcloud was a game-changer for me. Such an invaluable international resource.

Q: Talk to us about your exclusive recordings deal you arranged with Textures and Soul Deep Recordings?

Aquasion and Scott Allen are both formidable forces within the drum and bass community. TMG and what they are doing on the web, promoting up and coming artists, news and music - this was all really attractive to me. I jumped at the opportunity to sign with the label knowing they would have my back and be more than a release partner for my music.

Q: What is the drum and bass music scene / community like in your area?

LA has a pretty solid scene. DJ Machete hosts 'Respect' weekly in Hollywood which always pulls solid DJ's from across the globe. I don't get over there enough, regretfully, but it's always a good time with a great crew.

Q: What are you working with in the studio?

I work mainly in Reason - which has come a long way in recent years. I also do a shit-ton of sampling and have a beautiful Waldorf synthesizer passed down to me from my pops. It is a beast.

Q: How were you able to develop your own sound?

Finding and using unique samples in different and interesting ways. Not obsessing over the dance floor trend of making your sound so wide, fat, and full that it sounds like a science experiment and not music.

Q: Do you have any advice for young producers wanting get started writing music?

Establish your own style. Build your own breaks. Dig and dig and dig for samples that will help you set yourself apart. Don't rely on presets, sample banks, or what's trending to make your mark.

Q: Do you have any new projects we can look out for from you?

I am getting to work on a full length CD and digital album for TMG in the new year and hoping to play a few gigs in the meantime. Also planning a few collaborations with fellow producers and vocalists.

Q: Any shout outs or parting words?

Shouts to the Bassdrive family. Also a big thanks to fellow producers, DJ's and label heads for supporting my tunes and dnb worldwide.


You can check out the mix on Textures Music Group's mixcloud page!

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