Earth Leakage Trip presents... Authorised Leakage EP!

Earth Leakage Trip presents… Authorised Leakage EP!

Earth Leakage Trip ‘ELT’ (Neil Sanford & Tony Lobue) are the original pioneers of Hardcore and Techno appearing on the debut release of award-winning Moving Shadow Records (back in 1992), Rising High and also appearing on Orbital’s ‘Back To Mine’ Collection as well as numerous releases on LTJ Bukem’s ‘Cookin’ Records’ imprint spanning a four-year period.

Twent one plus years in the EDM & Downtempo music game, pioneers Earth Leakage Trip ‘ELT’ produce yet another devastatingly dextrous production of pure musical madness. ‘Authorised Leakage’ epitomizes their sheer mastery of creating ground-breaking music for artists and labels such as Moving Shadow, Good Looking / Cookin’ Records, Orbital — and for the last 5 years exclusively on NexGen Music!

Over the last few years ELT have cut up, sampled and arranged all of their our own original recordings and have completed 3 albums experimenting with twisted Jazz, soulful funk. leftfield & electronic music. With the addition of top UK vocalist Aluna Francis, the aim of their works has been to create an authentic classic sound, subtly mixed with modern influences blurring the lines between old and new.

The 3 albums released on NexGen thus far; Research, Development & Triplicity are smooth and laid back, funky and sometimes dark, with influences ranging from cool mid 70’s TV music, to Psychedelic Jazz, Rock, Funk, Soul and more.

Through NexGen, Eearth Leakage Trip continues to advance and refine their uniquely sophisticated sound. More releases forthcoming...

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