dRamatic & dbAudio Drum & Bass Production Duo Splits Up!

dRamatic & dbAudio Drum & Bass Production Duo Splits Up!

It was announced via the dRamatic & dbAudio Facebook fan page that the duo is no longer. James 'dbAudio' has left the dynamic duo that once was "dRamatic & dbAudio". The only remaining member, who is now pursuing a solo music production career is Julian 'dRamatic'.  The two producers have been involved in the music scene in Nottingham since the early 1990's. However, they both only were 'hot off the fire' since about 2010. Although, it was short lived and lasted a little over 2 years, they had accomplished what they set out to achieve - to make an imprint on the drum and bass music genre world wide.

Quite often, the average life span of a musical act is 2-3 years. Especially in drum and bass, where money is notoriously scarce for upcoming acts and many labels 'scheme' their artists into disenfranchising recording contracts. Nine times out of ten, many artists go unpaid. This situation is not unique in that it has something and everything to do with financial accountability.

Julian 'dRamatic' had this to say... "Today is a sad day as dbAudio ( James ) has decided that after years of hard work, love and enjoyment he needs a break from making music..." Julian continues... "I also wish him the very best of luck in the future and hope to see him make a return one day! From now on its left with me to continue things, continue doing what I love in making music and sharing it with those of you who understand and appreciate it."


What's interesting is that the dRamatic & dbAudio soundcloud page has been shut down completely. Julian 'dRamatic' also has taken over the fan page and removed James 'dBaudio' from being mentioned? James 'dbAudio' has not made a public statement regarding his untimely exit. Don't expect him to either. It appears that there are many more questions that will go unanswered as to the true reasons for James 'dbAudio's bitter sweet departure.

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