DJ Marky Shows His Support For Aquasion!

DJ Marky Shows His Support For Aquasion!

DJ Marky shows his support, in one of his best podcast's yet (Podcast #39), for the highly talented producer Aquasion on his track 'Just Do It' which is featured on Aquasion's sophomore album! DJ Marky is already a veritable superstar DJ in his homeland Brasil. DJ Marky began making a name for himself in the early 90’s pioneering the sounds of UK Drum & Bass/Jungle, appealing to lovers of dance music of all styles for his sheer artistry on a pair of Technics 1210’s. Based in Sao Paulo, the clubbing and dance music capital of Brasil, Marky is well established as one of Brazil’s biggest DJs and producer talents. MTV Brasil immediately gave him a show, which highlighted the strength and reach of the scene he was a pioneer of.


(DJ Marky)

Discovering and experimenting with music from a young age Aquasion became an avid listener of ambient jazz fueled break beats  house music, hip hop and down tempo lounge music. Eventually discovering drum and bass by accident, learning how to DJ and produce. Aquasion has produced music exclusively for LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records, Fizzy Beats, Fokuz, Phuzion Records including many others!



To hear the mix you can press play below or you can listen to the DJ Marky Podcast #39 mix here!

Marky's Podcast #39 January 2013 by Dj Marky on Mixcloud

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