Dave Owen presents... Bootleggers Delight Vol. 2!

Dave Owen presents… Bootleggers Delight Vol. 2!

Bootleggers Delight!!! Yes, that's right! It's summer time and it's also time for some free music from rare groove producers! The Bootleggers Delight Volume 2 is quite the masterpiece! Featuring unreleased bootlegs from producers Dave Owen, Aquasion, Calculon, Austin Speed, Kallum, DJ Clart and Al Pack! The aforementioned have remixed 2Pac, Bobby Cauldwell, Olivier Daysoul, The Black Ghosts, OutKast, Lupe Fiasco and Alicia Keys!

dave owen bootleggers

Dave Owen is a fast rising star in drum and bass music community and has carried the torch for many up and comers. His production is unrivaled in the studio. His tours are world wide and his mixing is superb! A true DJ and music producers Dave Owen is an amazing talent that deserves to be recognized.

Track listing:

2Pac Bobby Cauldwell - Do For Love What You Won't Do For Love (Dave Owen Bootleg)

Olivier Daysoul - The Finer Things In Life (Aquasion Bootleg)

The Black Ghosts - It's Your Touch (Calculon and Austin Speed Bootleg)

OutKast-Prototype (Kalum Bootleg)

Lupe Fiasco - Paris Tokyo (DJ Clart Bootleg)

Alicia Keys - Feeling U, Feeling Me (Al Pack Bootleg)

Download here!

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