Blok One Gears Up For Debut Release on Textures Music Group!

Blok One Gears Up For Debut Release on Textures Music Group!

Blok One is gearing up for his debut EP on Textures Music Group! Originally from Morelia, Mexico, Blok One is a DJ and producer of drum & bass music, Blok One combines styles like techstep, atmospheric sounds mixed with liquid funk in each of his musical creations and has created a master piece for his debut EP release on Textures Music Group!

At the early age of 8, Blok One began to hear the influence of his siblings and from other genres such as Glam Metal. Over the years, and having been involved in the Punk Rock and Hardcore music scene Blok One disocovered IDM, trip-hop and jazz which created a change in the way he viewed the music. The music intrigued him and piqued his interest on how to produce his own tracks.

Soon, thanks to a close friend that was fascinated with the groove of  drum & bass, showed some tracks from LTJ Bukem's 'Good Looking Records'.  He used this a platform to base his tracks off of going forward. Blok One began producing his first tracks in 2006, after taking a few courses in learning the basic techniques of turntablism and in the production of electronic music.

The debut release from Blok One has been highly praised and will see the light of day April 2013!


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