Bank's Sleepless Nights On Debut Album!

Bank’s Sleepless Nights On Debut Album!

Bank's Sleepless Nights On Debut Album! You might be wondering what that means? The debut album from Bank on the legendary Soul Searchers album series is a definite must have for DJ's, music aficionado's and general music lovers!

The perfectly themed title coincides with the single 'Sleepless Nights' which truly represents the mood of the music on the album! There is plenty of music to groove to on this album, such as one of our favorites 'Hot Sauce'!

The album also maintains an interestingly unfamiliar jazz vibe, such as on the exquisitely produced track 'Cold Cash'! Bank has come full circle musically on this album and graciously showcases his best work to date! This album is truly a timeless masterpiece!


You can expect plenty of more ripples to be made by this talented producer. With a fresh album and new sound Bank is unstoppable! In addition, Bank was featured in Knowledge magazine in November 2013! Also, a must have track you've got to hear for yourself is 'Sleepless Nights'!

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