'Street Life' Album Is Released By Aquasion!

Aquasion Releases ‘Street Life’ Album!

Aquasion Releases 'Street Life' Album February!

AQUASION Street Life 2 - Copy
Q: For those who may have heard of you or your music, introduce yourself...

"I discovered and began experimenting with music from a young age and became an avid listener of primarily ambient jazz fueled break beats, house music, hip hop and down tempo lounge music. Eventually, I discovered drum and bass, became a DJ and a couple years after that I learned how to make beats."

Previously, Aquasion has produced music exclusively for LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking Records, Phuzion Recordings, Fokuz Recordings and his own imprints Textures Music Group and Soul Deep Recordings and his music has been supported by LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad, DJ Marky, Nookie, Random Movement, Dave Owen, Tidal and Scott Allen. Today, Aquasion is considered a legendary drum and bass producer within his specific genre of liquid funk drum and bass.

Q: Tell us more about your tracks on your new album 'Street Life' on Textures Music Group?

The album series on Textures Music Group is called 'Soul Searches' and has nurtured Aquasion's approach to making music on his junior album release, titled 'Street Life', one of simplicity. When you listen to the freshman and sophomore album releases collectively, compared to this album the product quality is much different.

"Using plenty of atmospheres and soundscapes to make one playable track in a DJ set isn't as easy it sounds when it comes to quality and I wanted to make this album quality over quantity."

"One of my favorite tracks, which was supported by MC Conrad, is called 'Don't Want To Go There'." This track is incredible and hits all of your senses from the vocal to the bass line.

There are plenty of tracks like this on the album worth checking out. You can expect to hear plenty of other songs like that on this album. I also included one or two tracks that are more abstract to keep a musical balance on the album.

Q: What else have you been working on lately?

"Not much lately, except this album 'Street Life'." I have a few ideas I want to get out and I want to start working with upcoming producers on new label projects with Textures Music Group. I will start working my senior album soon and will probably have a few small releases here and there.

Q: Anything else you want to tell us about?

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