Aquasion graces us with his sophomore album!

Aquasion graces us with his sophomore album!

Aquasion finally came through with his sophomore album that is packed with a heavy amount of quality tracks! This album was fortunately supported by LTJ Bukem, Nookie, Random Movement, Dave Owen, PFM, Jrumhand, Blade, SoulTec, BrokenDrum and the list continues to roll out! Speaking of rolling out... this album is chalk full of liquid jazz drum and bass rollers! I know that might sound confusing but Aquasion has really gone from strength to strength over the last year. This album tops it off! I guess this means we can have our cake and eat it too, right?


The mainstays you should listen to on this album are:

  • Raregroove Jack (LTJ Bukem Dub)
  • Pain Of Thought (LTJ Bukem Dub)
  • Just Do It (Ranom Movement, Dave Owen Dub)
  • Funky Joe (LTJ Bukem Dub)
  • Sucka Free (LTJ Bukem Dub)
  • City Life (LTJ Bukem Dub)
  • Rainy Days (Random Movement Dub)
  • Numbers Don't Lie
  • Off In The Cut (Ranom Movement Dub)
  • I Remember When
We'll be posting a new mix and interview of Aquasion soon! Keep an eye out for that as he will be announcing details about his Junior album next year!

Purchase the album 'Soul Searchers: Raregroove Jack' on our 'Releases' page!

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