'We Got Love' for Aquasion & Freebird!

‘We Got Love’ for Aquasion & Freebird!

'We Got Love' for Aquasion & Freebird! Yes, these two producers were probably the most unlikely duo you could expect on an EP together. Sometimes that's the reason why the music great in the first place! The 'opposites attact' sound on this EP are damn good. The vibe on 'We Got Love' is a heavy, hard hitting, booming bass filled track with crisp drum edits and warm funky chords through out! Always, Aquasion brings you into his world with music that makes you move, reflect and inspired!

We Got Love

On the flip, we got rare bird producer 'Freebird'! Where can you find this guy? If he were a record he would be somewhere back in the store deep in the crates! Although, once found, the sound is like something you've never heard before from newcomer such as 'Freebird'! On his track 'Dub The Day' is intricately produced with a 2-stepping, futuristic jazzy sound. Although, this is a dancefloor friendly track, it's one of those tracks that has room in every DJ's set no matter the backdrop!

Not to say the least, this is the first EP that will have artwork on Textures Music Group! We'll speak more on that later...!

You can pick up the EP March 31st exclusively on Beatport!

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